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The Project

KPP exists to end the cycle of poverty through investing in education in Kibera. We partner with New Hope Primary School and send students on to high school and college in Kenya, and finally help with local job placement. We desire to see our students be the break in the poverty cycle for their families.

Our goal has always been to connect a sponsor to a specific student and make sure that 100% of $ donated to KPP goes toward your students education. KPP has an amazing team that volunteers their time and energy to see all donations go towards educating the next generation in Kibera.

KPP believes the only way to end such a large issue like poverty is to focus on a small change. By investing in the education of one student, we are not only helping one person break the cycle of poverty, but also impacting future generations of Kenyans. One student breaking from poverty today could be 5 students 10 years from now and 25 students a generation after.

KPP in action

After graduating 8th grade from New Hope Primary School KIbera, students who score high enough on the national exam qualify for a boarding school scholarship with Kibera Penda Project. Our boarding school partnerships are located a few hours outside of Nairobi. This scholarship covers tuition, housing, meals, uniforms, and supplies for the year. KPP also has a director on the ground in Kenya to mentor our students and monitor their academic performance throughout their years in school.

Each high school year is broken down into 3 terms. After each term students are required to turn in grade reports to KPP. We expect our students to maintain high marks, as well as set an example of high character at their schools. After graduating high school our students have the opportunity to apply for a college scholarship from KPP.

College scholarships are awarded to KPP high school graduates based upon high schools performance. Graduates have the opportunity to attend 4 year universities for bachelor's degrees, 2 year universities for associates degrees, and technical schools for training certificates. KPP assists students in finding internships or part-time jobs during their college years and students are expected to cover part of the cost of their college education. After graduating from college KPP assists our students in securing employment.

We have seen many students complete their education cycle. move out of the slum, and stop the poverty cycle for themselves and their family. Often times these students will return back to KPP and assist the next wave of students with tutoring and encouragement. Our ultimate dream for KPP is to see former students of KIbera sponsoring the next generation of KPP students.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education