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Here at Kibera Penda Project, we believe the best way for students from the slum to escape the poverty cycle is through investing in their education. By receiving an education and learning the skills necessary to start careers, students are well-equipped with the resources and confidence they need to succeed in the future. KPP has partnered with an amazing primary school (K-8th grade), secondary school (9-12th grade), and colleges to ensure that our students have all the tools needed to make an impact in their country.

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New Hope Primary is located inside of Kibera and is a bright spot within the tough slum conditions. This school has become one of the top slum schools in all of Kenya and is preparing the next generation of Kiberans for life outside of the slum.

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High School

Our high school students attend a boarding school a couple hours outside of Nairobi. Boarding school gives them the opportunity to focus on their education without the distractions and tough conditions of slum life. A high school sponsorship consists of tuition, uniform, boarding supplies, school supplies, and 3 meals a day.

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Students are awarded a college scholarship on a sliding scale based on their performance in high school and the degree programs they qualify for. The typical college scholarship ranges from $500-$1,000 per year. Most of our students are able to attain a part time job while taking college courses and are responsible for covering their own living costs.