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One of the world's largest slums located in Nairobi, Kenya.

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The Swahili word for "Love".



See the next generation break free from the poverty cycle.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty in Kibera through investing in the education of the next generation of Kenyans.

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Breaking The Cycle

Once you are trapped in this vicious poverty cycle, it becomes nearly impossible to escape. From an early age, kids living in extreme poverty realize there is little to no hope of ever having a path out of the slum. For many in Kibera, this means dropping out of school at a young age and turning to gangs, drugs, and prostitution. The poverty cycle then continues for the next generation of their family.


Help Break the Cycle of Poverty, Through the Gift of Education!

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Success Stories

Eddy Mwangi, now a senior in college, has been overcoming odds against him his whole life. He was young when his father died and his mother was left with no job and 3 small children. Eddy and his mother have always known that education would be their ticket out of poverty and he has spent everyday of his life working towards that goal.