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9th grade at Masinga Boarding School

Meet Cosmas

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My name is Cosmas Karani and I am in ninth grade at Masinga Boy’s High School, a boarding school in a small town in Kenya. Although my parents earn only a little salary, they always ensure me that they will provide me with my basic needs. They love me very much. We moved to the Kibera slum in 2015 where we were welcomed by my uncle. In my family there are seven and my father works as a contract laborer. My mom is an ordinary farmer.

My favorite hobbies are playing drums and playing soccer. Besides schooling, I also help my father who is old in age to do some chores at home. We live in a poorly structured house but we never give up. I am always happy because God loves me. He loved me and He will forever love me. My favorite subjects are math, science and social studies.

My goal is to be a model to the world. I dream of traveling out of Kenya to be a student at the University of Texas or Oxford and get a good job. My personal goal is to help the children in the streets here in Nairobi.

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